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I will always remember her as a force of nature. A one of a kind, in a country not yet ready for her fierce personality. Incredibly beautiful, with a poise impossible to imitate. 

During the war, she was the chairman of a women´s services group. I understand why she was elected. I imagine her capturing attention, in full stride, with a cigarette in the corner of the mouth. 

She always saw the real beauty. In people and in things. And like a gem captivated her audience and brought a magic beauty to others lives. She applied this gift to everything, from her paintings; to the fierce dinner parties she hosted. 

Everything was in the details. 

Her name was Aina Gustafsson

Brand logotype logo for Aina Gustafsson Sweden

Our Story

The name Aina Gustafsson, is a tribute to my grandmother, and my mother with the same name. Bold, powerful women living their lives in unconventional ways.

We'd rather express than explain, but if so, strength, warmth and integrity describes us. What we do and how we do it.

Aina Gustafsson, creates empowering fine jewelry, celebrating beauty and strength, fortitude and joy.

Our aim is to inspire to walk your own path and bring your own magic alive.

Accessible Quality

Traveling and exploring across almost all continents, at one point we discovered the precious gem industry of Sri Lanka. The country is one of the world’s most renowned gem stone suppliers with an advanced cutting and polishing industry. It is famous for everything from Sapphires to lesser known beautiful gems.

We have a small and dedicated team with long experience within the field.

Our aim is to blend the expertise of our team with our understanding of Nordic design & demands.

To provide accessible pricing we have sidestepped the middleman and sell our jewelry directly online.

Handmade & Distinctive

Aina Gustafsson was founded on the idea that quality jewelry, that lasts a lifetime or more, should be available for anyone.

We make alluring, distinctive & timeless hand-made fine jewelry with exotic gemstones attainable without compromising on quality.

We contribute to sustainable consumerism, simply by creating fine jewelry that keep their looks, value and “essential vibe” over time.

Exclusive & Inclusive

Top quality products but accessible & fair.

Possibilities for partnership for the Sri Lankan team along with online sales and cutting markups provides fair pricing but attainable fine jewelry.

Yes, we also donate 5% of our profits to organizations making the world a better place.