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I could have named it ”Raised by Dragons”. Aina Gustafsson is an ode to the women I grew up with and what they gave me. One of a kind, fearless fierce women, before their time, and with a poise impossible to imitate. They taught me that anything is possible and whatever I want, I am capable of, that anything I am curios about, I should go for. 

There is nothing more powerful for me than freedom. Freedom of choice and freedom of mind. To explore the world and its wonders, to explore myself and all greatness the world has to offer, and to discover what I can give to the world. 

The mission of Aina Gustafsson and the jewelry we make, is to remind you that you are strong, resilient and beautiful. That you are free to explore anything your heart desires. That you deserve all that is great and have so so much to give. We are here to remind you of your greatness. 

/Anndala, founder & CEO of Aina Gustafsson

Brand logotype logo for Aina Gustafsson Sweden

Our Jewelry

Aina Gustafsson, creates empowering handmade fine jewelry, to inspire to walk your own path and bring your own magic alive.

Empowering, accessible & fair is how we do it. Online sales, cutting markups, as well as paying fair wages provides fair pricing but attainable fine jewelry.

Yes, we also donate 5% of our profits to organizations making the world a better place.

The Story

Traveling for surf and exploring almost all continents, in between working with marketing in Stockholm, I discovered the precious gem industry of Sri Lanka.

The country is one of the world’s most renowned gem stone suppliers with an advanced cutting and polishing industry. It is famous for everything from Sapphires to lesser known beautiful gems.

I found skiled craftsmen, and chose a small but dedicated team to work with, with long experience within jewelry making as well as selecting and cutting gems.

Our aim is to blend the expertise of nordic design & demands with the excellence in craftsmanship and gems the team posesses.