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by Arvid Jansson |

Gemstone. A word most people remember since childhood but few actually know the concept in a deeper way. As teenagers, watching action movies we learnt that diamonds were something to strive for of great value. As young adults, many of us understood that a diamond ring on the finger meant romance, adventure,  crossing a threshold, success and wealth. Marilyn Monroe said that they were a woman's best friend and James Bond chased smugglers and looked dashing in the movie Diamonds Are Forever. 

 Gemstones are significant in a way beyond that of even diamonds. Most people are familiar with the gems Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire to mention a few, but not everyone has heard words like Zircon, Ametrine or Tourmaline. These precious stones are spread throughout almost every corner of the world. If asked to choose a few important regions where they often originate, it would be South Africa, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia, The Ural Mountains, Australia, Brazil and the mountainous parts of the United States. 

 Audrey Hepburn understood and was fascinated by gemstones in the picture Breakfast at Tiffany´s. Humans have been lured by gemstones, for at least the last ten thousand years. At the very beginning, only the extremely wealthy had the opportunity to obtain a gemstone and ensuing status. Today, many people are attracted to the pure joy of wearing something incredibly beautiful.

 As of today, there is no generally accepted definition of which characteristics a gemstone needs to have to be called a gemstone. What is however clear; is that it is unique in some way, including color, optical properties, luminosity, and hardness. However, it must be cut to be defined as a gemstone since it is during the cutting process where the stone´s perfection appears. 

At Aina Gustafsson, we discovered gemstones the first time we went to Sri Lanka, one of the epicenters of the gemstone world when it comes to sourcing and cutting .

By combining Nordic design with local expertise, we were inspired to create the opportunity to find the perfect line of gemstone jewelry at a fair price. Our ambition is to create timeless and qualitative products that can be worn a lifetime and passed from one generation to another.